Growth Hormone Peptides

If you’ve been searching for ways to restore your youthful look and vigor, you may have heard of growth hormone therapy or peptide therapy. Peptides, a natural form of growth hormone, stimulates the pituitary gland to produce more human growth hormone (HGH), so your body can continue to flourish and feel youthful.

As we age, our growth hormone naturally declines and we slowly start to age. HGH is critical when you are a child and helps us to grow tall and feel strong. As a child we also have beautiful hair and our nails constantly need to be trimmed. However, when you are an adult, your body naturally declines or stops producing as much HGH. Without HGH, we experience brittle hair and dry skin, loss of muscle mass, lethargy, poor cognitive function, and slower recovery from injuries, just to name a few.

Types of Peptide Therapy:

Peptides are a string of amino acids or the “building blocks of protein.” Peptides are now the number one method for Anti-aging and wellness because they occur naturally within the body allowing them to be effective with very few side effects. As we age, our levels of essential amino acids and growth hormone start to decline causing multiple deficiencies. Peptides work to stimulate your body’s natural production of growth hormone. They have the potential to rewrite bodily chemistry relationships to help with hormone balance. This newly emerging science has the capability of slowing down the aging process, preventing illness, and enhancing peak performance.

Peptides may:

  • Help improve our immune system
  • Help us look and feel younger
  • Improve workout recovery time
  • Boost our libido
  • Protect our DNA
  • Help us lose body fat
  • Reduce inflammation
  • Sleep deeper
  • Help our brains become sharper
  • Promote slow wave sleep
  • Improve memory retention
  • Stimulate muscle growth
  • Aid in fat loss and lean muscle

Growth hormone is important for growth and development until around 18-20 years of age. After that, it is needed as an adult for cellular repair and healing. As we age, our body begins to produce less growth hormone and thus lowers the ability to repair cell damage, which ultimately contributes to aging.

As of 2018, there are 60 peptide drugs that have been approved in the United States, Europe, and Japan. Over 150 are in active clinical development. 260 have been tested in human clinical trials (Lau J and Dunn M – Biorganic + Medical Chemistry 26-2018). As the science evolves, Biosymmetry plans to evolve as well.


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