MonaLisa Touch™: A Non-Hormonal Option

It’s an easy non-surgical in office-procedure.

Fast – typically less than 5 minutes per session.

Hormone and chemical free.

It’s an elective procedure, with no referral needed.

Millions of women experience changes that can interfere with their personal lives as a consequence.

Thousands of women have chosen MonaLisa Touch. You can feel confident knowing that it’s a trusted device.

Do you avoid sex or intimacy due to:

  • Pain during sexual intercourse (Dyspareunia) due to vaginal dryness?

Do you have to use creams or lubes because of:

  • Vaginal atrophy due to aging?
  • Vaginal dryness with burning and itching?

Has this caused you:

  • Inconvenience, embarrassment or pain?
  • Loss of self confidence or femininity?
  • Loss of interest in your sex life?
  • Less intimacy in your Relationships?
  • Do you miss your normal life before menopause?
  • Do you look for an alternative to HRT vaginal creams and lubes?

Revolutionary vaginal treatment

The MonaLisa Touch Vaginal Laser is a revolutionary, non-surgical, “walk in, walk out” 20 minute treatment for vaginal dryness. MonaLisa is FDA approved for vaginal dryness only, although some patients state they have experienced other symptom relief after treatment.

The treatment itself is painless, low risk and requires no downtime. It is suitable for most women and offers an alternative to suffering in silence.

Patients treated with the MonaLisa Touch have reported an improvement in sexual relations and better orgasms as a result of increased vaginal lubrication.

The treatment can help to normalize the pH of the vagina and reduce recurrent infections for many women. The restoration of a ‘normal’ vaginal environment to improve lubrication.

In suitable patients, the MonaLisa can effectively reduce symptoms of painful sexual intercourse (dyspareunia), burning and/or dryness associated with menopause. It does not replace hormone replacement therapies or surgically installed mechanical supports for all women, but where appropriate, offers a new less invasive and highly effective vaginal option.

MonaLisa Touch uses a non-surgical fractional laser system, very similar to the laser treatments long available for facial rejuvenation. The laser works by optically splitting a laser beam into a series of very small dots that are aimed at the inside wall of the vagina. The laser pulses for less than a tenth of second, during which the intensity of the laser is carefully varied by a computer to match the characteristics of the existing vaginal wall.

At the point of contact, the laser dot removes a tiny area of tissue. This creates a pinhole around the diameter of a human hair. As the body repairs itself, it stimulates cells to create new healthy tissue at the site of the dot and the flesh immediately surrounding it. This process uses the same concept as facial rejuvenation.

The laser also works to heat the area between dots, stimulating the activity of specialised cells that create elastin and collagen – the building blocks of healthy tissue.

It is important to understand that not all women are suitable for the MonaLisa Touch. Each patient must have a medical consultation to discuss and determine their suitability prior to undergoing treatment.

Patients suffering from significant prolapse (Grade 2 or above) may not be suitable as MonaLisa Touch is an ablative laser treatment. Please call 910.399.6661 to contact us if you have any specific questions around our laser treatment.

Although the MonaLisa Touch can offer similar results to hormone replacement therapy, some patients may still need to seek further treatment, surgery or medication to alleviate their symptoms.

Prior to undergoing MonaLisa treatment, patients need to have had a PAP smear and examination in the last 12 months showing no abnormalities. Please call or contact us if you have any questions about organizing your pre-treatment PAP smear.

The treatment itself takes no longer than 15 minutes.

A swab is inserted into the vagina to dry out the inside as much as possible prior to the insertion of the laser. This is the uncomfortable part of the procedure. The laser probe is then inserted into the vagina. The patient will feel a low grade vibration inside the vaginal canal which is virtually painless for most women. This process lasts for around 5 minutes depending on the comfort of the patient, the probe is then removed and the treatment is complete.

As the Mona Lisa Touch treatment is painless, patients can return to normal daily activities following treatment. However strenuous exercise and very hot baths are not advised. You must also refrain from vaginal intercourse for 5 days to allow the vaginal canal surface to heal properly.

Patient trials here and overseas have concluded that the best results (in most cases) are generally achieved from three MonaLisa treatments over 8 to 12 weeks.

  • Most patients see a significant improvement after their first treatment, but are encouraged to continue with the subsequent MonaLisa sessions, as this ensures the most effective and long-lasting result.
  • The results of the MonaLisa Touch are generally excellent, some patients have described the treatment as life-changing but the extent of improvement varies between individual patients.

Symptoms treated by the MonaLisa Touch are associated with low hormone levels brought on by menopause. Under the advice of our doctors, patients can have repeated vaginal treatments if their symptoms return.

MonaLisa Touch is not currently covered by either Medicare or most Insurance. Initial treatment plan includes 3 treatments over 12 weeks and typically cost $1500 for the 3 treatments. Your treatment plan will be catered to your clinical needs after a Doctor consultation and exam.

  • It is advised that patients adhere to their suggested treatment plan even if they are satisfied with the improvement after the first treatment.
  • Repeated treatment at specified intervals allows longer lasting improvement.
  • Women interested in treatment are encouraged to contact our clinic to receive an accurate price guide and further information.

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