There’s been a changing of the guard at and an even sharper focus for a leading provider for turning back the aging process.
Last month, Deb Read and Dr. Allen J. Holmes officially become co-owners of BioSymmetry Wilmington that had been owned by Dr. Chris Pate. Read had previously been office manager, nurse and BHRT Consultant in the Wilmington office, serving there since it opened eight years ago, and will continue in the latter two roles.

Pate is seeing patients at the practice’s Goldsboro facility. “Chris won’t be juggling his time between
two offices,” enthuses Read. “The change will create greater availability for clients in making



They are heralding the development with both a new logo and a mission statement of “Life Optimized.” To Read, it signifies that “even though some of your lab levels may be in the normal range, there’s an optimal range which can make you feel your best.”
Holmes, a board-certified emergency medicine practitioner with 15-plus years in patient care, most recently worked at Novant Health New Hanover Regional Medical Center.
“When the opportunity to work with Deb presented itself, it was a no brainer for me,” he enthuses. “Her knowledge base, work ethic and deep passion to help her patients optimize their health makes her the perfect partner. I am excited to see how our partnership is going to positively impact the lives and health of our patients.”
“He is board eligible for board certification in obesity medicine and has a deep interest in bio-identical hormone optimization therapy, peptides and other cutting-edge modalities to help his patients transform their quality of live and achieve vitality,” cites Read.
The most impactful procedure BioSymmetry offers is Bio-Identical Hormone Therapy (BHRT), which helps maintain hormone balance as such levels produced by our endocrine glands naturally begin to decrease with the aging process.


BHRT, with separate features and elements for men and woman, can help patients “take control of the aging process. It’s a great way to reduce cardiovascular disease like atherosclerosis and blockage of the arteries which can also help reduce the overall risk of heart disease,” says Read.
The method, which decreases LDL cholesterol (bad cholesterol) and increases HDL (good  cholesterol), improves sleep and moods, and can help maintain both bone and muscle mass while decreasing fat. An improvement in sex drive and reductions in hot flashes are other benefits of attaining proper hormone balance.
Read can allay potential concerns about the procedure. “Some people may be worried to use hormones because of the potential side effects, not realizing that bioidentical hormones are identical to the chemical structure of our own hormones and act very differently than synthetic hormones.
“When a bioidentical hormone enters the  blood stream, your body doesn’t know the difference and side effects are less. Bioidentical hormones, made with soy, yam and other plant sources, mimic a positive hormone response on the receptors. Synthetic hormones have been linked to breast cancer and heart disease whereas bioidenticals have not.”

Read attests BHRT is especially conducive for premenopausal women, about ages 40 to 50, and men in this age span as well. “A patient told us she ‘felt awful … no energy, no motivation, not happy, depressed and sad, unbelievable dry skin, no desire for intimacy with my husband.’ We put her on
a regimen of BHRT pellets after her bloodwork revealed her hormone levels were practically

non-existent. She said she could feel a difference in a few weeks and after three months started to ‘feel the happy bubbly me was back. My sex drive is back, I’ve lost weight and my skin looks great. I can’t stress how much I love my hormones.”’
BioSymmetry also offers a full range of aesthetic services like platelet-rich plasma (PRP) facials, an advanced skin care rejuvenationtechnique; polydioxanone (PDO)  threads, a revolutionary, effective cosmetic procedure that lifts and tightens sagging skin—both administered by master nurse injector and nurse practitioner Catie Blair—Mona Lisa Touch, SculpSure and Medical Weight Loss programs.
Read summarizes how she believes the practice is unique to the Wilmington area: “We will design a customized plan and protocol to help you restore balance to your body so that you can live a healthier, happier and more youthful life.”

BioSymmetry is located at 265 Racine Dr., Ste. 102, Wilmington, 910-399-6661, email or visit or follow them on Instagram@biosymmetry_wilmington/. See ad, page 21.