Many people may not think twice about taking blood pressure medications, getting massages or even acupuncture to maintain their health. Bioidentical hormones are often associated with reducing hot flashes and an increased sex drive. What many may not understand, however, is that bioidentical hormone replacement is an all-natural form of balancing hormones for overall health to help us feel our best again.

Bioidentical means that the hormone is the same molecule as the ones naturally made by our bodies. Bioidentical hormones are made by processing hormone precursors found in plant sources, such as yam and soy, making them much safer and more effective than synthetic


With age, our hormone levels naturally begin to decrease, a significant factor in the aging process. The human body doesn’t function at an optimal level without adequate hormone balance. At some point in the lives of both men and women, the endocrine glands fail to maintain adequate hormone levels, and the older we get, the more depleted our hormones become.

BHRT (bioidentical hormone replacement therapy), which is provided at BioSymmetry, in Wilmington, is a great way to reduce cardiovascular disease like atherosclerosis and blockage of the arteries. Many studies have shown that the use of BHRT decreases LDL cholesterol (bad cholesterol) and increases HDL (good cholesterol), which in turn can help reduce the overall risk of heart disease. BHRT also maintains bone mass, improves sleep and moods, and can help maintain muscle mass while decreasing fat. Achieving proper hormone balance can improve our

health and lives in many more ways than just reducing hot flashes and improving sex drive.

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